Core Tasks:
  • Work in teams to BEFRIEND tetraplegics through hospital and home visits; in so doing to help address some of their physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs (by linking with available community resources and services wherever possible).

  • GP network for acute medical care

  • Facilitate peer and caregiver support
Many of us believe that caring and helping the disabled is one of the most holistic things in life.

As we are living in a cultured society, every human being has the role to help each other not only in time of happiness but in time of distress. With every contribution, our human life is fraught with full of meaning and happiness.

Surely every care and help brings its wonderful delight, every thought its recompense. The greatest pleasure in life, we contend, is to share our happiness and joy with the less fortunate ones.

Vision :

T - Total rehabilitation of the person
E - Exclude personal agenda & politics
T - Thoughtful compassion
R - Relationships
A - Action rather than words

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